Leo - Virgo monthly horoscope

Leo - Virgo monthly horoscope


This month Leo, you are being asked to adapt. It's time to take a closer look at any aspects you may have overlooked initially. Seek a new perspective that is more in line with your future ambitions. You'll have to embrace the mess for a while, but it probably won't be long. Investigate the areas of your life that aren't working well and look for clues like a detective. The new moon on March 10 illuminates your area of ​​investments and resources. It's the perfect time to reevaluate your finances for long-term growth instead of looking for quick wins or instant gratification. The March 25 Full Moon, an eclipse, is in your communication zone. Reflect on the past six months and consider how your communication approach has changed. Consider what further adjustments may be needed this year. This may involve not only changing what you say, but also addressing what you have been avoiding!


This month, Virgo, your relationships will be in the spotlight. You may find yourself leaving work early to have fun with friends, or prioritizing a date night with your lover. This also includes your workplace connections. The new moon on March 10 indicates a new beginning in this area. Whether you're strengthening connections at work to improve career advancement, or preparing your resume to pursue new opportunities, it's time to maintain good relationships and make sure you're supported by the right people. Don't hesitate to have 'that' conversation if necessary. The full moon on March 25 is an eclipse and will shed light on your financial situation and resources. Reflect on the progress you have made in these areas over the past six months and identify what still needs your attention. Use your planning skills to strategize how you want to spend, earn and save money in the coming year.