Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant


Sometimes you just have to admit that you've gone too far in certain areas. It's time for a change. You won't have a problem finding new and more interesting things, but there are people who will want to stick to old routines. Be prepared for some objections.


You need to have a clear idea of ​​your financial situation in order to create a Christmas budget. You'll feel more in control of your finances once you know how much you can afford to spend on gifts, decorations and holiday goodies.


December will begin with a flurry of activity, sparkling deals and festive options. There is excitement and a sense of optimism in the air. The pace will be so fast that you will have to act fast to take advantage of some great opportunities.

The crab

Ideas for your home and family should be postponed for a later date. Enthusiasm will quickly dissipate due to negative feedback from others. The problems and complications that are pointed out to you will make you change your mind. You had expected someone to be more supportive.


Family life should be as calm and joyful as possible. Someone is going through a difficult time and that is why it is not a good idea to air any grievances or bring up past issues that were not resolved amicably. A stranger should feel that he can relax within his own four walls.


Between personal goals, professional commitments and the need to think about your family, you don't seem to have a moment to think about your goals. Focus more on the events taking place in your life.


Before you give in to a friend's request to do them a favor, consider how much you've already given them and how little you've received in return. Although you don't really like to complain, you should start looking after your own interests.


Beliefs and views you've held since childhood are preventing you from taking advantage of current opportunities. You may not have realized the power these memories have over you. Through what you are told or revealed, some strong beliefs will be turned on their head.


Colleagues seem almost frantic in their desire to get things done. What they fail to understand is that the more they rush, the less they are accomplishing. Although it's not usually your style, for now you'll prefer to take a behind-the-scenes role.


You find it hard to sit down and stop thinking about problems, situations and relationship issues. You can't keep trying to evaluate a situation that can't be explained or measured. Fresh air can help remove these mental barriers.


Your determined efforts to win someone's approval, or support are starting to pay off. Don't be surprised to find that you have the support of a talented person. Are you single and trying to win someone's heart? You can achieve this through charm, kindness and persistence.


Keeping relationships, agreements, and commitments just because they are familiar can prevent you from making new commitments. Be joyful about the blessings that adorn your life now. Looking for love, if you are single.