Horoscope for July 1st by Russell Grant

Horoscope for July 1st by Russell Grant


Confiding in a trusted friend will help you see a personal dilemma from a different perspective. Having the advice of a third party will allow you to see power plays going on in the family. Are you single? Do not rush to start a romance. If you think someone is not being honest, proceed with caution.


Meeting old friends will bring new opportunities to your attention. You have felt the need to get out of circumstances that make you feel trapped and frustrated. Now you can see that there are options that can make this possible whether it's returning to a course of study, traveling abroad or applying for a new job.


A memory comes to mind at a strange moment and you may wonder what made you think of this particular situation. It may be necessary to go back and re-experience something. Reevaluate old refuges and old fears and through this mental journey, you will discover what is missing in your life.

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A young boyfriend is pushing you to buy him an expensive gift. If that's something you can't afford or don't agree with, you'll have to stop buying it. You can't make extravagant purchases when there are bills to pay.


Retreating to a quiet haven will be therapeutic. You love being the center of attention, but there comes a time when you need to be able to dream, create and imagine without outside interference, and that time has come. If you're planning a vacation, choose a destination you've never been to.


It is extremely important for you to be able to find the time and space to do what you need to do. The changes you face now can be overwhelming. The behavior of a hyperactive friend or colleague is beginning to tire you and will make you feel sad.


Whether at home and family or in the workplace, taking disciplinary action now would be better than disaster later. Someone is testing the limits by going against your wishes. If someone challenges you, give them an ultimatum. Better to make things clear from the beginning.


You are tired of dealing with serious worries. You would never shirk your responsibilities, but the need to be creative is hard to ignore. It may seem like a luxury to spend time creating something beautiful from your imagination, but whether it's painting, writing poetry or photography, you need to feed your soul.


You are being given a chance to play an important role in a profitable project. Leading this venture is the opportunity you've been looking for to put your leadership skills to work. There is something very satisfying about being able to turn your ideas into reality while overseeing other people's work.


Your generosity to someone you love will be a surprise. What they may not realize is that when you see a genuine need in someone, you will always offer support and understanding.


You worry too much about how your plans will affect other people when you should be thinking about yourself. Worries about upsetting someone by making moves they might oppose are holding you back from moving forward. Some wishes can only come true if you start making your needs a priority.


A secret will be shared by a friend or neighbor. You may wish they hadn't believed you. You would like to keep it for yourself. The fewer people who hear this, the better. Sharing this gossip with others can jeopardize a friendship.