Horoscope for September 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 1 by Russell Grant


A relationship that hasn't been particularly easy lately will take a happier turn. You may have wanted to be firm with someone who has expected too much of you, but it will work when they start to realize that they have crossed the line and change their ways.


Whatever you and your partner do together now is likely to last long into the future. Love is in the air. This is a good time to set a wedding date or start a new relationship if you are single. Everyone will notice how cheerful, fun and playful you look.


You've worked hard to get your finances under control and you're starting to see a difference even though it's still difficult. You're not entering a time when financial pressures are easing, but you're still finding ways to pay the household bills. For example, you may be offered a good price to sell something you no longer use.

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A sense of security will come from finding inner balance. This can be achieved by resolving deep uncertainties. Facing these and eliminating them from your life will create more space for new ideas, attitudes and possibilities. New goals will help you stay focused.


A day full of problems is coming. Even carefully laid plans will appear to have legal or financial loopholes and other difficulties. You may not like the methods suggested by someone who doesn't always stick to the rules, but it will be a means to an end and you should actually feel like you're doing something.


Your safe actions and positive activity will increase your mobility. Take this chance to put your personal skills to good use to enhance the work you do for a charity or community effort. A willingness to act without asking permission will have good results and attract positive feedback.


You are more in tune with the needs of those around you. If someone close to you is starting to feel neglected, you will feel it and make a difference. Showing some care and love can be the first step towards making up for a recent misunderstanding.


Wonderful things are beginning to happen in your life and relationships. You may have to cancel some plans for financial reasons, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to find happiness. The emphasis is on pleasure, romance and fun.


If someone asks you for an opinion, you will speak honestly. They made the request and you will answer honestly. This can create some tension when your answer is not what was expected, but someone needs to hear the truth and you seem to be the one to tell them.


You may suffer from a moment of nerves and tension when the changes you were told were necessary recently now seem to be somewhat extreme. You had trusted the people who were making these plans. Buk you are safer if these people know what they are doing. You don't know who to trust or what to do for the best. Let intuition be your guide.


You don't have too high hopes as you are realistic. You are aware of the potential pitfalls that may lie ahead, but you also know that if everything goes as you hoped, the consequences can be amazing. It's hard to strike a balance between optimism and caution, but you seem to be doing it well.


It will be pleasant behavior that will make the biggest impression in a meeting or interview. You love to help others and people will feel it. This can be an advantage in a work situation where colleagues look to you for guidance. In romance, make sure you don't get involved in a friend's love problems.