Horoscope for December 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 10 by Russell Grant


The plans you are proposing within the family will have a mixed response. Younger relatives will encourage your ideas. An older relative may disagree when they have had no experience in the areas you are talking about. They won't understand why you feel you have to do what you intend to do.


You may suddenly realize how busy your life has become. You haven't made time for the people who really matter. This will prompt you to make some changes and if you continue like this, they are likely to bring about improvements in your home and family life.


Friendships and love relationships are unpredictable. There will be joyful, loving and romantic moments. On the opposite side of the scale, you will sometimes feel that there is nothing you can do to please someone you love. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

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An elderly relative will have objections to the plans you and your partner are making together. You think they're against this partnership, but if you're happy, that's what really matters. No matter how meaningful their advice may be, it's up to you to decide for yourself.


An unexpected invitation in an email, text or Christmas card will make you smile. Someone in your past who left promised to stay in touch, but so far, they haven't. Today you have evidence that you have not been forgotten, as you thought.


You don't know where you stand with someone who can't seem to decide what they want to do. Everything seems mixed and confused and although you are a fairly tolerant person, you will feel irritated by their behavior.


You won't have to look far to do things to feel useful. A family member will appreciate a helping hand. A neighbor will appreciate your advice. You can also suggest doing some shopping for an elderly or sick relative.


You may find yourself talking to someone you normally didn't appreciate. What will surprise you is that they are more skilled, interesting and experienced than you expected. It just goes to show: you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.


A friend or relative who usually stays out of the spotlight will suddenly want to take charge. This is unusual for them and therefore you will be happy to let them take on a joint project. It turns out they have some great ideas. You will learn a lot by taking a role behind the scenes.


Surrender to the need for some peace and solitude. Do not ignore the desire to be alone, otherwise you will start to feel tense and irritable. Beware of consumption.


Life is looking up. This will be one of the most enjoyable times you've had in years. Someone close has something special to celebrate, and you'll be feeling brighter and much happier about your circumstances than you have been in a long time. You have worked hard and are beginning to see the fruits of your labor.


Take your time to decide when you are faced with making an important decision. You will already understand that this will be a consequence for the future. Just don't start buying things you don't need.