Horoscope for December 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 11 by Russell Grant


You are looking for an outlet for your restless energy. Joining an exercise group will seem wonderfully therapeutic. Volunteering for a charity will make you feel like you're helping to make a positive difference in the world. An unexpected opportunity is worth pursuing.


You don't like change and it takes some time to adjust to new routines. Slowly but surely you will start to calm down and accept what is happening around you. When you see the positive results of these changes, it will make it easier for you to accept things as they should be.


Your intuition is working overtime, making you more sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. It also helps you know when to avoid touchy subjects. Be sure to steer conversations away from money to keep family relationships harmonious.

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People appreciate the favors you're doing for them, big and small. It is your support that is helping them cope with the pressures of life. You understand what they are going through because you have been through something similar. This is why you can never leave them to fight alone.


Your social life is beginning to glow with excitement. Take every chance you get to put your creative skills to good use. This is a great time to apply for jobs and attend interviews if you are interested in working in fashion, theater or music. You'll make a fantastic impression on those who matter. Virgo

Breaking away from the routine will enable you to indulge your creative impulses. The work has been difficult and tiring. Take this opportunity to help with an imaginative project. Involvement in a community effort or


Staying active helps you take your mind off problems that currently seem intractable. You are busy both at home and at work and are grateful to have this opportunity to help others. You will be asked to organize a festive event or reunion.


A friend needs your advice. They make it clear that they feel comfortable in your company and will not be in a hurry to leave.


Working relationships are unexpectedly rewarding. Attending a seminar will open new doors for you. Think seriously about an invitation from an executive. Working with them in the future will make it easier for you to get a leadership position.


Adopting a more cautious attitude will allow you to protect your interests. Secrets are revealed and what you see or hear will surprise you. Someone you trusted was not as honest as you thought.


Applying for a high-profile position will cause tension in the family. It may mean that you will spend more time apart in the future, but this opportunity means a lot to you. Explain the situation and they will understand. You have always supported their dreams. They should be willing to do the same for you.


A seminar or conference will introduce you to some intriguing concepts and a variety of people. Experience gained in new fields will provide you with opportunities to expand your professional skills. Your ideas will be welcomed and your contributions will be appreciated.