Horoscope for September 12 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 12 by Russell Grant


There is a strong need within you for something out of the ordinary. This means that you are unlikely to want to settle for routine jobs. You need more creative and intellectual stimulation. People in a work situation will present their views in order to decide the next step in an important project.


Some responsibilities will be reduced to enable you to devote more time to specific areas. A team effort isn't making as much progress as you'd hoped. Be patient. Together you will do much better than apart. Once you get past a few hurdles, you'll start to see results.


Someone you talk to will intrigue you. Their knowledge of a subject you've always been interested in will seem scarce. You'll just want to hear everything and absorb everything they're willing to share. There will be pleasure through a short journey.

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A joint project will be rewarding. You and a partner or close friend will pool your money or resources together to organize and finance a special treatment in the future. Someone close will pretend to take up most of your time, and if you have nothing else planned, they will be welcome.


A job or money issue will be resolved quickly. There is a light at the end of a surprisingly short tunnel. An increase in your income is likely to come soon.


Spending time with fun-loving friends will inspire you to be a little reckless when it comes to spending. Your generosity knows no bounds. However, if a loved one is trying to convince you to buy them something special and expensive, you may need to think about whether you can really afford it.


You will quickly notice the potential and opportunities of new projects that come your way. This will give you more freedom as well as more responsibility. Take this opportunity to take charge of a special project.


There will be something exciting, creative and fulfilling about new career obligations. That is why you are happy to take on additional responsibilities. This makes for a busy work life, but it's nothing new for you. You'd rather be busy than get tired of sitting around all day.


It will be a day in which you will spend a lot if you go out with friends. You will enjoy every moment, even the fact that you let your hair down and left the house.


New ideas are brought into the home to help your daily routine run better. Don't resist it. Someone will introduce you to a device or a way to do something that will save time and effort. Once this becomes a regular habit, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.


All the effort you have put in so far has started yielding well-deserved results. You are finally seeing progress. You should be proud of your expertise. You are quickly becoming an expert in a particular field. Work to inspire your teammates. Think of an incentive that will get everyone moving.


You will be quick to think, quick to act and you are working much faster than those around you. It doesn't matter if others aren't in the mood to help you, because whatever goal you set for yourself today, you have the energy and determination to keep going until the job is done.