Horoscope for May 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 15 by Russell Grant


Don't even think about giving up something new to move on to other things. You'll be surprised how quickly you can pick up a new skill. Just give yourself a chance to master the rules, techniques and procedures. Keep a positive approach to everything you do.


When the opportunity presents itself, look at it and do what you want to do. It is not selfish to keep an eye out for opportunities to improve your life and career. A friend or relative will ask for your advice. You will not spare him.


Participating in a group project that requires creativity and imagination will be beneficial. People will appreciate your input. Also, it will be the activities that give you a feeling of being part of a team that bring you the most satisfaction.

The crab

If you're convinced that releasing something new would be the best thing you can do right now, you're probably right. It's a great time to start something new. A project or business venture will have your full attention.


You are not looking for praise so you can bask in the glow of your popularity. You just want people to say if they are impressed by your efforts. You feel a little nervous about your abilities, and it would be a great reassurance to have a little praise coming your way every now and then.


Persist. It doesn't matter if you're learning another language, starting a new hobby or trying to figure out some new techniques at work, what's important is that you don't give up. You will succeed in the end.


A conflict over finances or property is draining you emotionally. If you need advice, book a consultation with an expert. Do not worry about the fee you will pay, because this will save you time and anxiety. This is one of those problems where the sooner the better.


Although this is a difficult time for some people, they will come forward and tell their story. Your support will be welcome. You are tired of seeing innocent victims being bullied by people who are more powerful or richer. Make your call for a full public inquiry.


A loved one is going through a difficult time. It will take a lot of patience, but for the sake of your relationship, you may need to show them kindness and compassion. Even though your feelings are hurt, be especially gentle with a partner who has suffered a major disappointment.


The strange behavior of a loved one is making you nervous. You're tired of the demands they're making and you're tempted to tell them to fend for themselves. Perhaps all they require is a little patience and understanding. It won't take much effort to give them what they need.


You are ready to oppose an injustice done to you by a superior. Avoid hasty actions. It will help you a lot to know that you have the support of some influential people.


It will be a relief to notice that you and a partner or friend who has been arguing with you lately are no longer "enemies" of each other. After an open hearted discussion, you will feel like you understand each other better. Building stronger relationships will increase your happiness.