Horoscope for September 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 15 by Russell Grant


An argument will break out as the day begins. Keep your emotions under control. Some people may not seem as helpful or cooperative as they should be, but they may have a lot of other things on their minds. It will be the lack of communication that will cause frustration.


You will understand what your friends and family expect and need from you. Take this opportunity to do someone a special favor. Recent activities have made you more optimistic about the future and you are thinking that the time is right to go after a personal goal.


You may have to hide your irritation when a colleague seems to have trouble understanding simple things. Be prepared that you will have to repeat the instructions more than once. Taking risks will annoy an old colleague. If you want to experiment with new ideas, you may need to do this outside of work hours.

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Someone may be joking to ease tensions at home or at work, but that doesn't mean they are indifferent to the situation. Look behind their actions and you will see that they are making every effort to solve difficulties.


With your help, people can make positive changes. A family matter needs an opinion and they are ready to receive your opinions. A relative hopes for support with something that is important to them. If you intend to help them, let them know.


Just because there is a difference of opinion, it will not be too great a hindrance to progress. Be willing to listen to other people's suggestions, and if they listen to yours, you'll find a way to move forward.


Your creativity will help you earn money. A project will start and colleagues will be happy to let you work on the aesthetic side of the project. Recycling old furniture will be a challenge you will enjoy. You will get all the support you need.


There are a number of ways you can tap into the spirit of goodwill and cooperation around you. Now is the time to turn to others for any help, advice or favors you have. One can change one's mind about something one has rejected in the past.


It will be a relief to find that you will not have to deal with the chores you expected to do. A colleague will have done it all for you or someone will suggest to help you finish it all. Either way, you'll have more freedom of action than before.


The more you get to know a new neighbor or colleague, the more you will realize how much you have in common. You can hear about new developments in your area that are of interest to you. Showing off your talents will bring success. Sometimes it is necessary to put yourself in the center of attention.


You have a charming way of getting people to accept plans they have opposed in the past. Only later, when they've thought about it, will they realize that they didn't give their approval for something you've been asking for for ages. They may even begin to wonder why they were so against the idea before.


Your partner insists that he deal with financial matters. You may resent their dictatorial attitude, and although you know their only motive is to keep the situation under control, you may be inclined to keep some of your earnings separate.