Horoscope for May 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 16 by Russell Grant


You will feel much better if you give yourself something exciting to look forward to. There are other things that are happening in this world besides having to deal with routine chores. You want to taste something different. Travel and other activities will bring a lot of expense over time but you will consider it worth it.


The more flexible you are in view and attitude, the more likely you are to enjoy your day. You want to be active and it does not matter if some activities require some physical exertion, you will have no problem doing what needs to be done and you will achieve results.


You have a lot of energy and you are determined to find something to enjoy in almost everything you do. Even routine jobs have that element of their challenge. An unexpected offer will excite you. Accept it!


Important issues will be discussed. You do not feel ready to make a big decision. It will come as a relief when you are given more time to think. People understand why this can not be rushed and will be prepared to wait. It would be better to go for a walk yourself after the discussions are over, so that you can think without distractions.


You are determined to team up with others to find a way to resolve a mistake or misunderstanding. The problems are being taken seriously and this will involve a lot of discussion. Be prepared for the need to adjust your direction and enable you to make progress toward a common goal.


Someone at home has a complaint and this is causing tension and frustration. There is a way to ease the tension in the family. I suggest you sit around a table and talk about it. Later each stand just to reflect.


It's hard to say why you're not the usual tolerant. You tend to get upset and aggravated very quickly emotionally and can find yourself attacking someone. Once you realize that you are not very reasonable, you can try to do something about it.


It feels like a competitive note in the air. Make sure you have what it takes to emerge victorious. There is absolutely no way to allow yourself to lose, no matter how long it takes to get the results you expect. It will be this positive frame of mind that assures you of realizing your dream.


The disappointing result of an interview or test will erode your confidence. Do not let this happen. Have confidence in yourself and make sure you never give in to doubts or uncertainties about your values.


Një mik i ngushtë që ka qenë jashtëzakonisht emocional kohët e fundit do t'ju tregojë përfundimisht se çfarë ka në mendje. Ata do ta vlerësonin ndihmën dhe këshillën tuaj dhe duke qenë në gjendje të merrni një pikëpamje praktike të gjendjes së tyre të vështirë, do të keni disa sugjerime të arsyeshme për të ndihmuar në lehtësimin e shqetësimeve të tyre.


Planet që po bëni për muajt në vazhdim ka të ngjarë të bëhen mjaft të kushtueshme, por ju jeni të përgatitur për këtë. Sot vështirë se do keni nevojë të vendosni duart në xhep dhe jeni të lumtur të përballeni me pasojat e çdo vendimi financiar në të ardhmen. Për momentin, çështjet familjare janë të qeta duke ju dhënë një shans për të reflektuar mbi atë që mund të jetë përpara jush.


You are working hard to be on top of a situation that has been difficult, confusing and emotionally exhausting. You are not relinquishing your responsibilities and there is no reason why you should not be satisfied with the results. You will see that some complex issues will begin to be resolved.