Horoscope for May 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 16 by Russell Grant


A relative or colleague is being bullied and will come to you for some advice. They seem to believe that you will be able to help solve their difficulties. Although it will cost you a lot of emotional strain, it will be your calm way of dealing with the situation that gives this man strength.


You feel lucky. Your intuition is there and your stamina is incredible. Regular physical activity is important for your health. If you haven't given the need for exercise much thought lately, it's time to take more care of your body.


You have a lot to think about and you can't do that when people are bothering you every five minutes or so. Although you are determined to follow your private plans, it will not be with the support of those around you. A family member seems to be thinking only of himself at the moment.

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You're excited about a money-making idea and want to learn more. You are convinced that this scheme has potential. You may have difficulty convincing your partner or family to take an interest. Some people think the idea is completely impractical. If they leave, it will be their loss.


Some content shared on a social network can have a profound effect on you. Comments about a person who was once very close to you will be a surprise. Do not discuss this development with anyone except a trusted friend.


If you take on more responsibilities, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Hard work and being busy usually doesn't bother you, but since you already have a lot to do, it would be foolish to take on more. Avoid making promises you may not be able to keep.


Your skills will be useful in a joint effort. Don't be surprised if you are asked to take charge. Someone hoping to take on a leadership role will oppose this. Whether the project is a success or a failure will depend entirely on their actions. A rival is looking for an excuse to act against you.


Talks are continuing behind the scenes in hopes of preventing a hostile incident from happening again. People who are worried have come together and now have a huge support network. They want answers and won't stop until they are available.


Be sure to protect your interests. Keep matters private, private. If you leave confidential material around your home or workplace, someone will use this opportunity to eavesdrop. Are you single? Someone you meet will offer you experiences that will expand your intellectual horizons.


You have seriously considered a new money-making scheme or business venture. The content you read online will bring new ideas to your mind. You may need the help of a technically savvy friend to accomplish these.


You are determined to uncover the truth about an injustice that occurs in the workplace. A high-level colleague will try to block you. You will need to take your case to a higher authority. Delay taking action until you have all the facts and figures you need.


You will have a very large load, but the good news is that at the end of the day, your efforts will be rewarded. You may need to go through a project several times before you are satisfied with the results. However, it will be completed on time and within budget.