Horoscope for June 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 16 by Russell Grant


Community issues will be a microcosm of a much larger problem. Some actions will have made a temporary difference, but now better solutions must be found on the way forward. Don't be surprised if you find yourself accepting a leadership role in neighborhood affairs.


If you don't feel up to doing some work, stop putting on a brave face. You don't have to move on just because you've taken it on. Ask someone else to lend a helping hand or better yet do it for you. People will understand if you have to back out of some deals.


Letters, emails and files are missing. You should check the wording as there is confusion about what is actually being said. Someone who owes you money will come up with more excuses as to why they are unable to pay you back. This is a lesson learned. They won't lend you any more.

The crab

You may believe in the message an event is sending, but you're not inclined to get involved. You need some peace. Although you may have supported this cause many times before, you will now prefer to leave it to others to take action.


You are quite clear about what you want to do with your time. Things like fun, romance, creativity and friendships will come to your mind. Relaxing activities will help your problems melt away and the stresses of everyday life will be temporarily forgotten.


Keep an eye on what's happening in a group project. If you are in charge, it means that if something goes wrong, you will take the blame. Does everyone you are responsible for know what they are supposed to do and what is expected of them?


A family member or colleague will quickly remind you of all the favors they have done you recently. It will be clear what comes next. They will ask you to do something for them. Don't feel obligated to agree to their request if you're not inclined to.


You can only discover the truth by opening discussions and encouraging other people to talk. You are wondering about a relationship or circumstances in which there are more questions than answers. If you don't articulate those questions, you'll never know where you stand.


It will become clear that someone wants more than just friendship from you. You're not interested in romance, and they need to understand that you can't spark a fire and passion that you don't really feel. Be honest but gentle with them when you answer them.


There's no reason why you can't succeed at something you haven't experienced before. Believe in yourself. You've recently made personal sacrifices to help a friend and now they're acting like they don't want to know.


A family member or colleague will irritate and frustrate you. They are willing to see the world only from their perspective and will not accept that there are other ways of seeing things. A financial issue needs to be resolved quickly.


A loved one is trying to tell you something, but they aren't sure how to broach the subject. When they struggle to get the words out, be patient. You'll be grateful, once you hear what they have to say, that they were sensitive to your feelings and other people's feelings.