Horoscope for September 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 16 by Russell Grant


A senior colleague expects you to follow their instructions, even though you had other plans. You are tired of being manipulated by people who take more than they give. Next you want to spend time with someone who is loyal.


You seem to be the only one who can face a family crisis. You wouldn't want to break away from the job you're working on, but it seems like you have no other choice. A relative's selfishness will surprise you when he refuses to get involved in something, even though he is the person most qualified to help.


The moment a secret is revealed, a close friend or loved one will show signs of reluctance to open up with you. Do your best to reassure them that you respect their privacy and encourage them to talk to you whenever they need emotional support.

The crab

A job is almost done. People are already talking about taking some vacations. The time has not yet come for you. You know it takes a little more work until you can rest.


The results of a recent interview, test or application have not yet been received. Wait patiently until the time is right. As long as you have not received any news, it does not mean that the result will be bad.


Finances are murky. One partner accessed a joint account without disclosing why. A family member is not paying their share of the household bills and you may find yourself contributing extra. This is a good time to change any passwords you've shared together.


Keep the rules flexible. This will allow you to benefit from your partner's inspired ideas. Friends expect one thing from you and your family another. You are loyal to your loved ones. Family concerns will be your first priority. Be patient with a young person who is trying to learn something new. Offer lots of encouragement.


To accept a job offer, you may need to learn a technical skill. Since it is something you have been waiting for a long time, you will accept without hesitation. Physical activities will be a big draw. You just want to move your body, even if it's just a walk after lunch.


Despite being easily distracted lately, you're still getting results. You will not be disappointed with the progress made. An unexpected invitation to a wedding, engagement or anniversary will give you a great excuse to buy a new outfit. Encourage young people in the family to spend more time outside.


Get together with your partner and family to discuss how you all feel about making some changes. Planning is everything. A new career opportunity could mean relocation if all goes as you hoped. Instead of keeping it to yourself, warn everyone whose lives will be affected by it.


In legal and financial matters, be aware that there may be hidden costs. The consequences of important decisions made at the beginning of the month will not disappoint you. You were wondering if you made a good choice. Now you know the answer. You will be satisfied with the result.


Discussions are important. Strategies for the future are being formed and this will pave the way for a greater degree of security. Colleagues who are confused will turn to you for clarification. They'll be impressed and grateful for the way you lay things out to help them better understand what's going on.