Horoscope for May 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 19 by Russell Grant


You have so much energy that it can be used in a very useful way, or vice versa. If for example you get into a quarrel situation, you would quickly get into a debate. It would be better to invest your energy in work projects.


Ideas to make money or improve your work situation will be discussed within the family. Suggestions from an imaginative relative are worth considering further. If you are hoping for a promotion, use your charm to impress those who can help you move up the career ladder.


You can not force yourself to be calm when you feel so anxious. The motivating decisions of the moment will have a lot to do with a growing desire for change. You need more stimulating experiences and you do not lack ideas.


Whatever a close friend or partner decides to do, you just know they put your interests first. The excellent relationship between you makes it unnecessary to question their ideas, decisions or actions. If you are single, there is a lot to gain if you connect with the right person.


Your time, energy and advice will be freely given to anyone who needs you and asks for help. Most of the day will be spent helping family, friends and you know your help is appreciated. Are you single and looking for love? A romantic date will be like in a dream, so much so that you may have to bite yourself to make sure you are not asleep.


Your determined and dedicated effort will show well in the eyes of those in charge. If you hope to impress your boss, you are on the right track for it. A whole new relationship or friendship will come to the fore.


You will admit to those you trust that you are dreaming of a long and happy future and your hopes for a special relationship are for it to be sustainable. Your hopes will increase when a message or gift received will give you the clear impression that the friendships you share are important to both of you.


Accept an invitation to discuss a recent misunderstanding. A reconciliation is possible. Have you just started dating someone new? If so, you may want to keep these developments secret for a short time.


Instead of feeling anxious and doing nothing about it, think about what needs to be changed to bring you more satisfaction. This would be a good time to consider your career. A work move or relocation may be the result of using your initiative and taking action to improve your chances of success.


Are your ideas practical? You never thought you could be so imaginative. Can you trust yourself to face a big challenge? A relative who knows you well will help you solve your dilemma.


A career or academic achievement will be something you can be proud of. You will gain respect for your work and your prestige will rise to new heights. You are ready to try something new, but instead of jumping into the first opportunity offered, wait and see if something else will come. An even better offer is in the other corner.


Determination is taking you far. A special dream will come true. As much as you wanted this to happen, it has not been effortless. You have put a lot of effort into the background and you are ready to reach your goal.