Horoscope for September 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 19 by Russell Grant


If you're thinking of learning something new or want to develop a skill, ask what courses are available. It doesn't matter if you want to improve your career skills or it's just for fun, what's important is the fun you'll get from expanding your skills and knowledge.


The deals you expected to be canceled will not only go as planned, but everything will go as well as you never imagined. Friends and colleagues will compliment you on your work because you made it possible. Be proud of yourself.


You will have mixed feelings because someone you met at a party will contact you again as they told you. If you want this friendship off the ground, it's time to justify the reasons why you can't meet again.

The crab

Someone has organized a surprise for you and expects you to follow his plans. If you are not happy, it will be difficult to be happy. You wish they had consulted you before making plans together.


You are aware of an approaching deadline. The only way to start feeling more relaxed is by encouraging others who are working with you to move forward. There are some jobs you can't put off for another day. Multiple commitments have taken up all your time.


Misunderstandings are causing tension between you and a friend, but very soon the mistakes will be corrected. Temporary worries will be quickly forgotten and you will soon overcome any disappointment. Time spent alone will be therapeutic.


Secrets are coming to light. Things have happened behind the scenes that you have not been aware of until now. You will not be happy with how someone has deliberately tried to deceive you. Now that you have learned about it, you will be more careful.


Activities that require creative skills will help take your mind off other areas in your life that are causing you distress. It will be better to find ways to keep yourself busy. Dwelling only on a distressing situation will not improve it.


You are tired of working alongside someone who always changes his views and opinions. They are easily influenced. At one point they will agree on certain plans, then they will change their minds. Staying a few steps ahead of them is the only way to achieve something.


You're not inclined to get involved in future deal talks, but you might miss out if you don't show any interest. A trip to oblivion, but a change would do you good. At least listen to what your family and friends suggest.


Life is very messy. You have a lot to do and not enough time to do it all. You miss meetings with friends because of your obligations. Instead of living with this condition, make an effort to fix your life.


After a recent disappointment, your desire will be to get away somewhere quiet where you can relax. Go out and meet the friends around you. There is so much to enjoy, if you know how to look.