Horoscope for September 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 2 by Russell Grant


If you've been thinking about looking for another job but haven't done anything about it yet, now is the time to start looking for something new. You can hope to make more money than you are currently getting, and although it may be a while before you see this happen, at least you can find a job that makes you happy to get out of bed every morning.


A relationship that you didn't think would go anywhere now promises to be long lasting. It makes you happier and more secure knowing that you have someone who understands and can rely on in the weeks and months ahead. If you are in the middle of transactions to rent or buy any property, good news is on the way.


You like to be busy, but it can be good to stop every now and then to relax and review your life and relationships. Have you lost track of your personal goals? Make relaxation part of your daily routine. This will also enable health needs not to be ignored.

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You're not sure how to solve a problem that's keeping you up at night. Talk to someone who may be able to help you. Don't be too proud to accept some advice. The tension in the family will be from the generation gap and there are some issues that you will never agree on.


A strong desire to help others can cause you to jump into a situation without thinking about what you might mess up or who else might be involved. Just because someone asks for help, you don't have to get involved. Listen to that voice in your mind telling you to stop.


It's never too late to make an effort to make life more interesting if you feel that your world needs enlightenment. You can start with the house or the garden in front of the house.


A foundation cleanup will be a great way to create more space in your home or workplace. You may be planning to buy new furniture and need space to fit it. You just want to live a simpler and more comfortable life. Separate items into two piles: Donate and Throw away. Fixing your environment will be an engaging and fulfilling task.


You want to be taken seriously, but an authority figure isn't listening. It's important to be able to voice your grievances, so ignore someone who accuses you of behaving unreasonably. Just because they don't agree with you, doesn't mean you're not right.


Don't rush to buy on impulse, even though you will be tempted. Instead, stick to your budget. Be willing to take advantage of opportunities that encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, go for a walk at lunchtime or in the evening.


A close relationship is more harmonious lately. Both of you are making such an effort to please each other. Life lacks the thrill you're looking for. Instead of just thinking about it, why not act on some of your romantic ideas.


You'll make the most of all the social invites that come your way. What you may not have realized is that there are many more to come, so you can reject a few and still not miss anything. If you're nervous about a big event, do other things to distract yourself.


You can get some peace and privacy in order to think about important matters. You are not stubborn when you refuse to listen to other people's advice. You know how easy it is to be swayed by their views and feelings. In this case, you want to make sure that your decisions are your own.