Horoscope for October 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 2 by Russell Grant


Your normal routine will have no appeal. This is because your usual commitments are starting to bore you. A new hobby or creative challenge is just the kind of diversion you need right now. Stimulating your mind will be the fastest way to escape from boredom.


If you agree to take on a new role, additional responsibility, or a new assignment, you'll want to do it your way. You will do everything well because you take your commitments seriously. The last thing you want is a supervisor.


Colleagues will be grateful for the way you react quickly in situations that require quick thinking. Your ability to think quickly makes you a valuable member of the group. While others may hesitate, you are already working to find a solution.

The crab

It can be frustrating when you are unable to get on with what you want to do because other things and other people get in the way. Someone seems intent on preventing you from continuing with the work already started.


Family members and colleagues seem extremely uncooperative. Do not comment on their behavior. Instead, just let them drown. A partner's sullen silences are not helping you deal with an issue that is causing some rivalry between you. Staying behind the scenes and away from other people should ensure you have a pretty satisfying day.


There is no moment to stay with yourself. Others run around like headless chickens, but at least you'll stay calm and cool. That way, everyone can count on you to get things back under control. You are the only person others can rely on in a moment of crisis.


Advice given by an older colleague or relative will be based on what older women tell. If your question is about a financial, legal or business matter, the best way would be to consult a professional.


A delayed project will now get the green light. This is something you were looking forward to only now you have other responsibilities and are unable to give it the time and attention it deserves. At least the problems that have plagued you in the past are beginning to disappear.


The opportunity to be sociable and join any company will lift your spirits. Introductions made through a business can be beneficial for the future. Be sure to return any phone calls you may have missed while you were away. Someone will make you an interesting offer.


You are constantly reminded of a disturbing event that is best forgotten. You learn from your mistakes and have no intention of repeating them in the future. Keep your mind busy with creative ways to get negative thoughts out of your head.


Distractions and distractions will keep you from concentrating. Because of this, progress will be slower. Still, you'll be determined to make some progress and by the end of the day there should be something to show for your efforts. It will be easier to tackle the task later, when there will be fewer distractions.


You don't want to miss out on a new job or creative opportunity. You can jump in your excitement regardless of the consequences. Although you don't want to lose, you have to stop and consider the long-term consequences of your behavior.