Horoscope for May 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 20 by Russell Grant


You have started to lose touch with your hopes and desires because you give too much of your time to others. It feels good to help friends achieve their goals, but make sure the sacrifices made are temporary and it does not get in the way. Think a little about what you really want as your needs are also important.


You are fully aware of everything that is happening around you. Have a strong sense of how most things are likely to go. Friends will make comments about you that you are not missing anything. Your powers of observation will be of great help when you are asked to make a difficult decision.


A new and more progressive phase is about to begin. The hopes you had to secure a particular task have begun to take a solid form. The agreements reached will have long-term consequences. Friendships feel warm and wonderful and your social life shines through.


Traveling and moving away from routine responsibilities for a short time will be a great way to find relaxation. If you can not travel very far, even a short trip will be an equally refreshing change. You are not shirking responsibilities, but a change is as good as a break and will keep you in an optimistic frame.


Your charm and creativity combine with practicality and originality to make your contributions to a highly valued team effort. You will feel good when your efforts are appreciated. A spirit of harmony is felt as everyone gathers together to work towards a common goal making this a day you will always remember.


A close friend or partner wants to feel more involved in your life and needs a bigger role to play in your social activities. They will not say this in words, but you can understand.


You do not need a lot of money to have fun. Explain to friends that some of their plans are out of your reach, financially. If they give you a chance, you will have some great ideas to keep everyone entertained and you will feel less stressed without having the big expenses that some people talk about.


A special achievement will make you notice. People want to celebrate your achievement. Accept this. A small misunderstanding will be resolved by turning you and your partner on the path of mutual harmony.


Nuk po prisni mrekullinë, por me një planifikim të kujdesshëm dhe vendosjen e objektivave realiste, do të bëni një përpjekje pozitive për të ecur përpara. Do të jetë një dëshirë e fortë për të përmirësuar stilin e jetës, marrëdhëniet ose perspektivat e punës që ju shtyjnë të bëni disa ndryshime. Hulumtoni të gjitha opsionet dhe më pas vendosni për hapin tjetër përpara.


Do ta vlerësonit mundësinë për të bërë sa më pak. Keni qenë të tensionuar si në skenën sociale, ashtu edhe në punë dhe jeni më se gati për të marrë frymë. Sigurohuni që të relaksoheni pasi ditët në vijim do të jenë tepër të zëna.


People can see the sacrifices you are making to achieve a specific goal. You have taken on this challenge, you feel committed to facing it. Your dedication and determination boosts your reputation. However, there will come a time when you have to accept the need for a break from all the drama.


You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. If someone tries to approach you in the hope of discussing these concerns, you will ask them to wait until you feel ready to deal with them. Today you need a break from worries.