Horoscope for September 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 20 by Russell Grant


It is important to give your body the rest it needs. Increasing responsibilities have started to affect your health. Even if you have to go back to things you've been putting off, take this break and start looking after your own interests.


Prepare for objections and negative reactions to plans and suggestions. There will be confusion as someone is deliberately misunderstanding a situation. A joint project will be slow to get going, but don't lose hope. You will find a way to overcome all obstacles.


You are not impressed by new methods and routines, even though these are supposed to make your job easier. They are causing more problems than before. You can decide to go back to your usual ways and at least that way you know you'll get the job done.

The crab

You're not doing yourself any favors by trying to keep up with a job you know you can't do alone. Ask for help. An experienced friend or colleague will help you. A close relationship is in the process of change. This will give you a stronger sense of security.


A friend or neighbor would appreciate your thoughts on something they are involved in. Because you know something they don't, you'll be able to offer some good advice. Someone will find your influence positive. Your words will make it easier.


Because of your persistence and determination a matter that has been dragging on for some time will make progress. You will find the best way to handle the situation. If there's something you've been meaning to start, now is the best time to do it.


The reason you are prone to change is to curb the disturbing feelings that have built up within you. This could be for anything from changing jobs, moving house or organizing holidays. Whatever the focus, you are looking for new options and opportunities.


Bashkimi i forcave me një mik do t'ju ndihmojë të realizoni një qëllim të përbashkët. Përparimi i bërë do ju befasjë kur një objektiv i caktuar së fundmi të arrihet më shpejt se sa pritej. Të qenit i ndërgjegjshëm ndaj detajeve të vogla ka qenë një ndihmë e madhe kur bëhet fjalë për shmangien e gabimeve. Nëse jeni vetëm, dikush që nuk e kishit menduar se e kishte vënë re se do t'ju bëjë një ofertë interesante.


Dyshimet në lidhje me një mik të ri që nuk do të përmbushë një premtim do të zbehen pasi ata të provojnë se janë të besueshëm. Shqetësimet që keni pasur për një çështje pune do të lehtësohen pasi një hetim do të dalë në favorin tuaj. Ju mund të kaloni një pjesë të madhe të kohës tuaj me një person të veçantë për ju.


You cannot continue in a situation where you are constantly at odds with someone. You may need to reconsider your commitment to a group project. Getting out of your usual activities will be the best thing you can do. Talking to a relative will help solve problems.


You don't have time to rest as you are engaged in a research or study task. You may wonder how some people manage when they seem to need advice at every step they take. People are now looking to you for help.


You are happy to follow some of the ideas that your friends give you. Others are willing to accept your suggestions. Any tension that was felt at home, or at the workplace will now be gone. Friends who have been in conflict with each other lately seem to have reconciled.