Horoscope for May 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 22 by Russell Grant

Aries: You should not be responsible for someone else's debts. A partner is choosing to ignore your advice and spend the money the way they want. You have to make some serious decisions. This will be an important time for you, when it may make more sense now to keep your financial accounts separate.

Taurus: An experienced colleague will suggest that setting some new goals will be a good way to get out of a vicious circle. Although you'd prefer to stick with practical measures that you've seen work, it won't hurt to experiment with something new.

Gemini: You will meet many successful people at a large social event. However, what is happening in the background will be a distraction from the real event. Support will be provided for a project that you are proposing that has been important for a long time.

Cancer: There will be no hidden conditions when someone makes you an incredible offer. You may not believe your eyes, but what you see will actually be what you get. A close friend will seek advice before attending a social function. You can help him avoid making a basic mistake.

Leo: You are so irritated by the demands made in the workplace that you can warn everyone that you are ready to leave. If you make this threat and they beg you to come back, you will be able to make a good deal.

Virgo: You will have to act carefully to prevent a problem. Difficult people are threatening a business, project, or social position you've worked long to build. It will be possible to defend your position. A friend's advice will be invaluable.

Libra: An older relative will remind you how dependent they are on you. Although you will do everything you can for them, make it clear that you will not be swayed by emotional blackmail. Coordinating career, social and domestic responsibilities will not be easy, but it can be done.

Scorpio: Before making a decision on a final offer or proposal, take the time to carefully consider all aspects. It may be wise to delay responding to a business proposal until you have a clearer understanding of what it entails. As more information becomes available, you will find yourself looking at the situation in a new light.

Sagittarius: A change of scenery is exactly what you need to get out of your usual routine. A new friend or partner is clinging to you and it makes you feel shut out and helpless. Volunteer for a job that takes you out of your routine.

Capricorn: Stop before you react to comments made on a social networking site. A topic will cause a stir and your name will be mentioned, but someone is not taking your name kindly.

Aquarius: It's important to believe in yourself when you suspect that some complimentary comments from a business associate may be fake. Do not follow their advice that can lead you to a difficulty.

Pisces: Dealing with a recent disappointment will make you company. Keep an eye on your expenses. If you are single very soon a potential partner will enter your life.