Horoscope for June 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 22 by Russell Grant


Don't let a rival's progress distract you. It may seem like they are stepping over obstacles that are now blocking your progress. You may have underestimated their abilities, but they still haven't won. Stay focused on the contest and the prize you hope to win. The good news, this evening, will be cause for celebration.


There is a formal feel to a meeting or conversation taking place today. This will make you a little anxious and insecure. You are not sure how someone will react to some new plans or arrangements that are put in place at the right time.


There is a pleasant spirit of cooperation in the areas of life that matter most to you. You're hoping to do a good job at an important task, and with the help that's available, there's no reason why you shouldn't. Later, be sure to go anyway to enjoy something a little different.

The crab

There is no need to feel so anxious about a decision you have to make. It doesn't matter what other people may say, trust your instincts. At the end of the day, the important thing is to do what feels right to you. Ignore anyone who seems to think they can dictate what you can and cannot do.


You will appreciate the quality moments spent with a close friend or partner. To the surprise of your family and friends, you are not in a good mood. Being able to sneak away to a quiet place will be therapeutic. Use this opportunity to recharge your batteries.


Working in a group leads to the result more easily. It will be noted that some people are not as talented or as efficient as you, but their help can make a difference. Dividing tasks will give you more time later to get on with other things or better yet, enjoy a favorite hobby.


An educational course is worth considering. The idea of ​​committing to a challenging course will be stressful, but this is your chance to improve your career prospects. This qualification will mark another important step in the ladder of success.


Feel like someone is about to open an old argument. When they ask for your opinion, return this and ask for their thoughts on the subject. Make it seem like you're interested even if their views annoy you. You don't have to agree with them, but you can keep your opinions to yourself.


You will reach a stage in a work or social project when everything will start to come together very quickly. A team effort will take an interesting turn. Someone who usually keeps himself at a distance will give you some practical advice and suggestions.


Someone you love and care about needs your help. You won't mind putting your plans aside for now if you can help them. At the end of the day, you will have found a way to solve a problem that has caused a lot of trouble.


Being part of the mainstream is not for you. The secret to your success is your unique creative style. Your originality will gain you access to an exclusive club or prestigious society. Accept an invitation to a social gathering. It will be more interesting than you think.


Living a quiet life is very attractive. If your city is often noisy, or crowded, your idea of ​​Heaven will be to sneak away to a private hideaway. You don't want to be in the middle of everything. You would rather focus on your spiritual needs and go to a quiet and peaceful place.