Horoscope for May 24 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 24 by Russell Grant


If you or a family member is selling a vehicle, a piece of furniture or some jewelry, don't rush to accept the first tempting offer made. Later, buyers will flock to your door and you will get a much better price than expected.


Older colleagues will abandon a commitment to improve the work environment. Their focus is on improving results. A group will convene to remind those in high places that a poor work environment can have a negative impact on performance.


Something you did long ago will backfire on you. You will find it hard to believe that someone could be so hurtful and cruel. You always felt that they held a grudge against you and today you will find out why.

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When you make a new move, you will be excited, but also nervous, not knowing how it will go. Your hope is that it will improve your life. A partner or a close friend could not be more supportive. They have shared your successes and seen you at your worst. They are always there to comfort you.


It's not easy to come to terms with the past, but the more you focus on feelings of guilt and regret, the more stressed you start to feel. You can't erase what has been, but you can take steps to make up for your mistakes. You can start by forgiving yourself.


Facing a challenge will push you to your limits. The obstacles ahead will be both physically and mentally exhausting. The main question here is: how will you overcome this obstacle? Will the proposed solutions be sufficient?


If you've been stuck in the same place for some time, travel will be a welcome change from the usual chores you've been tasked with. It will be a pleasure for you to be able to pass these on to a colleague or family member.


You may find yourself making an incredibly generous donation, or volunteering for a role at a charity because you want to support a friend or relative who works there. Cooperation with other volunteers will be extremely important for this cause. People who are struggling will be eternally grateful for your support.


Although you're tempted to take this opportunity to do nothing, take advantage of a quiet spell to get through your current workload. This is the calm before the storm. If you leave chores undone, they will begin to pile up and overwhelm you.


An ex-partner can't seem to accept that your relationship is over. They keep trying to interfere in your life. You have a right to privacy regardless of what they seem to be thinking. Change the locks on your doors, update your passwords online and refuse to reply to their message.


Joining forces with like-minded people will be a way to solve a community issue. A protest will have better results if it is kept peaceful and quiet. Intentional interruption will not be considered acceptable. Mountains can be moved by taking the right approach and getting the right support.


When everything calms down, you will be tempted to do very little. Someone will suggest you give them a helping hand, but you'd rather use this opportunity to recharge your batteries. There is no reason why you have to be constantly busy. Everyone deserves a break now and then.