Horoscope for April 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 25 by Russell Grant


A neighbor or colleague you value and respect has made promises he or she cannot fulfill right now. They hope you will help them get out of these troubles. If this is unusual behavior for them, you will do everything you can to ease their burden.


It will seem as if your boss is not supporting the team. You may feel upset about their lack of support. Try to look at the situation objectively no matter how difficult it is. Keep complaints to a minimum.


Write financial and business agreements today. In the future, one might question what has actually been agreed upon. Be careful.


You need to accelerate the pace of a job that has not gone very well lately. You are in a position to take action, but you will not do so until you have discussed it with everyone involved. Their reaction will be immediate. There will be no objections to your plans.


Fatigue can make you feel fragile and sensitive. It may seem like someone is always pointing at you. This will be mostly in your mind, but there is a chance that imaginary attacks will generate old thoughts to be left behind.


An offer that takes you away from the usual work environment will make you hesitate. What is it that makes you hesitate to accept? New job opportunities can change your life for the better. Accept the advice of someone who knows what he is talking about.


A colleague will want to discuss the ideas he has to improve job performance. His ideas will not look good to you. However, you will prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself and let your colleague discover them himself.


New information will come to light that draws attention to the fact that someone has been dishonest with you in the past. It will be up to a colleague up in the hierarchy to decide if there should be any sanctions for the findings of this report.


A colleague will try to do the hard things. This is his style. You would respond very differently if you were in his position, but currently you have no choice but to follow their decisions. Next, you will change attitude.


Although low, a discussion of long-term plans can cause you uncertainty. The ideas shared by a partner or a loved one will look very vague or dangerous in your eyes. You know it is not the desired thought that turns dreams into reality. It is a good, practical and persistent planning.


There are some secrets you are keeping and you will not rush to discover them all. Sooner or later some people will need to know what is going on. This will change everything and you will therefore prefer to remain silent for a long time.


Debates within the family or workplace have begun to disappoint you. Are you tired. Another difference of opinion will cause strong emotions. Do your best. Bitter words will make you regret.