Horoscope for November 26 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 26 by Russell Grant


A friend or relative who is feeling pressured would appreciate you taking some of the pressure off them. Instead of asking if they need help, insist on taking on some work for them temporarily. By doing so, you will give them a chance to regain their balance.


A relative knows they can depend on you whenever they may need it. What is surprising is that when you visit them today, they have some sage advice to offer, on a matter that has caused you worry and confusion.


An old dispute with a friend will resurface. You thought this was over, but someone seems to be holding a grudge. It will take a lot of patience not to lose your temper, but doing so would only make things worse.

The crab

You are ready to end old projects as new ones begin and these become more meaningful. Be prepared to experiment as your priorities are changing. Your mind is beginning to open to new and different ways of thinking.


Your routine is causing a friend a lot of frustration and confusion, as you are busy. A task is not easy for them. At least with your support they will more easily proceed towards solving the problem.


The reactions of a younger friend or colleague in a contentious situation are unlikely to impress those who are already against them. They will look to you for support. There are ways you can help alleviate the situation.


Be diplomatic if you find yourself involved in any conflict between neighbors. If you say the wrong thing. Disagreements with people will cause a rift between you, which will make it difficult for you to communicate with each other in the future.


Someone has no respect for your skills and knowledge. They act like they know everything and you are getting bored with their announcements and dramatic exaggerations. If they are trying to make you feel scared, they are failing. What they are succeeding in doing is confirming your belief that you can never work together harmoniously.


The success of a new venture will largely depend on the willingness to work alongside people you hardly know. It can actually be a refreshing change to come out of your shell after an extended period of focusing primarily on your interests.


Use social networking sites online to promote your skills and career interests. Your social calendar is starting to fill up and you can take advantage of this opportunity to mix work with pleasure. Some important contacts will be made at a festive meeting.


Your versatile nature will make you popular as others admire your ability to act and think quickly when needed. You are prepared for the challenges ahead of you now and will not be swayed by anyone who is nervous or overly anxious.


Taking a different approach to finances will pave the way for long-term security. It's not easy to save money these days, but do your best to put some money aside. Even when it's just a small amount, a stone becomes a wall.