Horoscope for November 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 27 by Russell Grant


You know what others expect from you. It may seem like you're being manipulated, but that's not true. You are aware of what is going on, what is motivating others and where it is all leading you. This evening you will have a conversation with family members and you will aim to avoid touching topics.


You are not totally against change and will not close your mind to new ideas, routines or methods. It will be someone you live or work with who will oppose the need for change. Someone who cares about your happiness will have some ideas that may seem strange at first. Give them time to grow with you.


The moment you feel difficulties in preparing a project, you should have an emergency plan ready, just in case. Seek a compromise if the family cannot agree on what to do.

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A misunderstanding in the family will cause a lot of unhappiness. Relatives will withdraw from the plans because they were not consulted about them in the first place.


Before you succumb to the temptation of giving yourself or a friend an expensive gift, ask yourself if you can really afford it. If careless spending is going to leave you penniless, why not spend your time better on a favorite hobby?


Strange dreams are making you question your past experiences. Discuss your thoughts with someone who was a part of your past. Your subconscious mind can remind you of mistakes you don't want to repeat.


Explore your artistic impulses. Whether it's making sweets or something more complex like gardening, you need to show off your talent. If money is tight, express yourself freely by writing poetry or painting. There's a lot you can do that won't cost much.


A quarrel with a neighbor or an older relative will cause some turmoil. Don't let this worry you too much as it will turn out to be no big deal. You will have a choice between spending the day with friends or opting for quieter pleasures and entertainment. Strive for balance.


By doing so many good deeds for others, you have lost sight of your own needs. For example, when was the last time you enjoyed quality time with your best friend? Incorporate the activities you love into your day. Visit your favorite restaurant or go to the cinema with friends.


Your skills are invaluable in the workplace. Your work is being valued and because you do it with passion, your performance will reflect that. Are you unemployed and looking for work? Volunteering at a charity can give you experience in an area you want to explore.


Maybe you never expected it before, but recent conversations will open new doors. Someone will discover that they are able to help you achieve a particular goal. Bite your tongue when a colleague makes an inappropriate comment. They are envious that you are the one who has something to celebrate.


Someone has started asking a lot of you. You respect their perfectionism, but sometimes it's not necessary. It is not important for you to give a perfect performance. You just want to relax and spend time with your family and friends without having to feel like you have to get projects done perfectly.