Horoscope for September 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 27 by Russell Grant


Call a vulnerable relative who has been on your mind. They will appreciate it and you will find relief in knowing that they are doing well. Before making a decision about a controversial situation, gather all available information. Analyze and then decide on the next step to take.


Things have to be done and they are so routine to you that you know the best way to do them. If others are involved, they may take a different approach. They'll get the job done anyway, so it's best to refrain from criticism or advice.


Get involved in something that makes you smile during the day. No matter how serious your responsibilities are, it would be a smart idea to take some time to rest and recharge. Take some time for yourself. Choose the activities you like.

The crab

Your mind can wander anywhere while you're working on a job you can do with your eyes closed. Just continue to be sure to look alert when you sense an old colleague watching you. Meet your obligations, but don't take any extra.


Flexibility is the key. A turn in an event will bring a new, important chapter in your family life. It will be necessary for you to adapt to changing circumstances and this will require you to modify the plans already made.


A clash of personalities will cause tension in the workplace. You think this is not going to end well. Someone is about to leave and you will be asked to take on some additional commitments. Take some time for yourself to prepare for what's to come.


You are trying to be flexible, but that is not easy when you have several views. It may be necessary to make some changes in your schedule to accommodate other people even if it causes you some discomfort. Take a deep breath and know that everything will work out if you choose to consciously cooperate.


You feel good when the information you receive is consistent with how you've thought and felt about a certain topic. On closer inspection, you may feel that something is wrong. The reason why you feel this way may not be immediately apparent, but note the need to be careful.


You are capable of achieving a lot, but beware of over-exertion. It may seem like you have an abundance of energy, but that won't last. Ask a friend or colleague to take on some of your responsibilities. You're always doing things for them, now it's time to switch roles.


Confront a situation that has been troubling you. You can't ignore it anymore. Participate directly in this matter. Once you get it all out in the open, the truth will come out and not only will you feel tremendous relief, but a distressing situation can turn into an unforgettable one.


You are waiting for something to happen but you cannot express this feeling in words. You don't want to upset anyone, so you won't tell them what you're thinking. This feeling of anxiety will fade as the day progresses and a situation you've been worried about will turn out better than expected.


One thing that prevents you from making progress is the inability to reach agreement within a team on how to approach work. You tend to walk away and let others argue among themselves. Do not doubt the wisdom of this strategy. If it feels right, leave and come back when a group decision is made.