Horoscope for September 28 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 28 by Russell Grant


Some commitments will take more time and attention than you want, but you are aware of your responsibilities and when there is work to be done, it must be done. However, it will soon be necessary to find ways to balance work and personal time.


Ideas will be discussed and although you may think some people are being too unrealistic in their thinking, it would do them a disservice to tell them so. Someone will be offended if you dismiss well-intentioned suggestions. A chance to start a joint business with someone should not be underestimated.


You will approach a debate with an open mind, but others are not so flexible. A friend or colleague's rigid perspective will leave little room for compromise or even discussion. You didn't expect this to be easy. You expected some kind of challenge, but it is not fair that some people are so rigid in their views.

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You will discover new interests, new opportunities and new ways of doing things by spending time with a new colleague, friend or neighbour. An old friend will insist on telling you how he feels about something you're involved in. Don't take their words too seriously.


The gratitude you get for helping someone you barely know will make you realize how much an ungrateful person in your life has been using you lately. It will feel good to know that your efforts are appreciated. If your boss asks you to take over tasks that should go to someone else, make it clear that you prefer to stick to the job you were hired to do.


You hate it when people tell you what to do. Your boss or a senior colleague will show you different ways to approach your work. You have your methods and they work. It will be difficult to keep your comments to yourself.


Stay calm when you hear some exciting news that confirms positive changes ahead of you. You have some great ideas that you want to implement, but it's not yet time to address the specifics of your thoughts. First, discuss the matter with those in a position of authority.


What you are told and what you observe around you has nothing to do with how you feel about the situation. Smiles can hide other people's worries and anxieties or secrets that have yet to be revealed. Stay calm and let the awkward situation pass before putting your feelings into words.


You are irritated and angry with a friend or colleague. Don't react badly. If you realize that you and this person continue to clash and the relationship is unlikely to improve, then put some distance between you.


You can rise to the occasion. You may have that stress of new tasks, but you will get through them without a problem. The best is on the way.


Your focus is high. You have good powers of concentration, but there will be some people who are not as observant or analytical. It will be impossible to put all your ideas into action. Discover some of the best. It is not important that you win in an argument, but it is important to reach a compromise.


With the advice of an expert, you will find it easier than you expected to understand the details of a legal or property issue. It may seem like you've had more this month than you have all year. Accept how much you have learned from these experiences, then you will be ready to move on to a new phase of your life.