Horoscope for November 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 29 by Russell Grant


Spending time in a picturesque landscape will enrich your soul. You can't begin to tell a practical friend how important it is for you to have some space and time to find yourself. When others expect you to get on with work, you prefer to leave some matters for another day.


You will need to act quickly to respond to an offer or opportunity that comes your way. Being so spontaneous is not something you feel good about, but you also understand that people are looking to you for a quick decision and you are in a position where you simply cannot let them down.


Quiet times spent away from noisy friends are becoming more important to you. You enjoy your social life, but are realizing the need for balance in your life between outdoor activities and spending time in places where you can truly relax. You and a partner may want to spend some time together away from the spotlight.

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You are tired of constantly thinking about what you say and do because you are aware that many people are watching you. Working behind the scenes will enable you to move forward without prying eyes. Soon you will organize a certain place in your life that will allow you to completely relax.


A group event will turn out amazing. A number of volunteers will be invited to join. This is your chance to show off your creativity. Maybe you never expected this to be so much fun. Your talents have been overlooked for too long. An expert will recognize your skills and you will be offered a good job position.


Important changes are taking place in your career situation. It is difficult for you to speculate when a meeting between senior colleagues is called, but you have a feeling that an important announcement will be made. When it comes to your goals, you will make surprisingly good progress.


You will be asked a favor by an elderly relative or former employer and this is something you can do for them easily. Financial developments will be fast and may surprise you. A sum of money owed to you will be collected much sooner than you expected.


You highly doubt that an event or meeting will go as planned. From what other people are saying and what you are seeing, it seems more likely that there will be cancellations although you would hope for an error.


Choose to channel your energy and skills into areas where you are least likely to encounter obstacles or opposition. You can always return to controversial issues another time, but what you hope for most is to reach a pleasant and productive situation.


Prepare for the need to adapt and adapt to new situations. Some people will be very quick to follow new routines or accept the changes that are happening around you.


A difficult choice or decision will not cause you stress. You'll weigh the pros and cons and know you've come up with a thoughtful answer. A partner will constantly question their decision-making and may look to you for reassurance and even some guidance.


Individual interests and responsibilities are shared between you and a partner or friend. Nowadays you hardly see each other and it makes you feel like you are no longer a part of each other's lives. If this bothers you, it can be fixed. Pick up the phone and arrange a meeting.