Horoscope for September 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 29 by Russell Grant


You are involved in a conflict with a friend, which is no big surprise to you, as you have always had ups and downs with this person. Is the relationship worth repairing? You may have other things on your mind at the moment. The schedule is well planned, but a change could throw off your plans.


You are struggling to find your place within a group or relationship. No matter how hard you try to please people, someone will prove that your efforts are not enough.


After a long conversation with an older relative you will wonder what you want to do with your life. Are your plans long-term or are you going with what your partner or someone close to you thinks is best for you? If you realize that you want something else, dare to act differently.

The crab

It doesn't matter if people don't agree with your ideas. The important thing is to be sure of your views and feelings and to be happy with everything you are doing, that is the most important thing.


You are ready to cross the barriers. Fear of failure has led you to success. You are determined to achieve your goals. You may face some skilled rivals, but your performance will amaze everyone as well.


Take your time when filling out forms and dealing with paperwork. Check that you have read the instructions carefully. This will be more important than you can imagine. An old colleague will blow the fire. Let him say what he needs to say without comment and arguments will be avoided.


You just want to get a job done, and that will push you to move forward with ideas without giving them proper attention. Later in the day you will realize that a more cautious approach would have worked better for you. A steady and methodical system is what should be aimed for now.


Someone will offer to pay you for your talent and you may think they are doing you a favor. Consider this possibility well. You may find that you are being paid far less than your knowledge is worth.


People who only talk about themselves annoy you. If your boss or a senior colleague wants something done, you may have no choice but to follow their instructions. You think you would do a better job if you were in their position. Instead of being harsh with someone, find ways to soothe yourself.


You're telling someone you don't care what happens, but that's not true. If they know you well, they will know that it is not true. You are much more capable than you think. Managing time wisely is important now. Just keep focusing on a task and you will see amazing results.


News from afar will be promising and this could be the start of an exciting opportunity. Discussions will evoke strong emotions. You are starting to enjoy the benefits of all your past hard work.


You've been through a lot and sometimes it may not have seemed fair to you that others around you seemed to have it easier. What is important is that you realize how much you have changed because of these experiences. You have come out of this a better and stronger person.