Horoscope for October 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 3 by Russell Grant


Finding a new source of income makes your future look more secure and stable. It may seem like you have finally discovered the secret to making money. It may still be early, but you are signing a good financial or business deal.


An unexpected fate will come to you, so much so that it will seem as if you are in a dream. If you accept this offer or opportunity, it could change your life. It's hard to know what to do next. Do you have someone you can confide in, talk to?


Your thoughts are moving fast. Your mind is so far ahead of you that you are in danger of hindering your desire to achieve a certain goal. Slow down. If a challenge is mentally or physically difficult, take steps carefully.

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You are doing your best to help friends who need you. You are offering your support only out of goodness that springs from you. Be careful how you word your offer. Set a limit or you may burn out quickly.


You can't leave someone waiting for your answer to a proposal that could change their life. Your choice remains between joining forces with a partner and maintaining your independence. This is a decision you should not put off any longer. Once you put it on, you will feel a great relief.


Trivial issues can escalate and cause problems in a close relationship. Your partner or a close friend has small worries that they are holding on to. Don't criticize him. If you can, help him. A gentle approach is needed. They will find comfort in your stillness.


You will earn a lot by using your own initiative. Do not hesitate to choose unusual and daring concepts. Routines can be changed and updated if they no longer serve their purpose. It can be a lot of work in practice, but it's worth it.


Take everything as it is. You may have to put some of your plans to one side in order to respond to a request from a partner or relative. You are getting tired of their demands, but don't complain out loud as there may be a real need for you today.


Feel a more optimistic mood around you. People who have been cautious lately are ready to move forward with new ideas. You are under stress and do not trust their ideas. Calm down and trust them!


In a public conflict, you feel inclined to agree with what those with strong personalities have to say. For the sake of peace and harmony you will withdraw. However, you need to bring the topic back into focus and make your position very clear.


Prefer relationships to be honest and open. You can tell when a sensitive friend protects himself by hiding his true feelings. At the same time, despite your repeated attempts to break down the barriers, it still seems as if they are deliberately keeping something important from you.


All the planning and preparation for an upcoming activity is happening behind the scenes. You don't mind helping, but you have no idea how to lend a hand. Ask if you can do something for those who have engaged in this.