Horoscope for August 31 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for August 31 by Russell Grant


Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet. So take control yourself. Fuel your worldly ambitions and let people know your skills, experience and knowledge. A career related trip will work well for you. Your confidence will make a good impression during an important interview. This is the only way!


Argumentative people around you will find it difficult to cope with situations. Your calm nature will come in handy when things get discordant. You know what is important and what can be left for another day. You also know that it's not worth letting a small disagreement escalate into a big argument.


It could be a money, work or home problem on your mind and you have reached a point where you know you will need to discuss this with others. This is something that needs to be fought together and if you can't reach an immediate agreement, don't give up. Keep working to find a compromise.

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Simple activities like walking in nature, spending time with your pets, and creating a gratitude list will help you figure out what really makes you happy. Stop trying to impress a demanding boss, partner or relative. Take a look inside yourself and face unresolved insecurities.


A close relationship will help you stay motivated. Your partner knows better than you what is best for you and you will be grateful for his support. If you're single and thinking about getting close to someone you like, they may take the initiative as they already have their eyes on you.


Your boss or old colleague is facing an uncertain situation. They don't have time to be aware of everything that is going on and will be extremely grateful for someone like you to keep things running smoothly while they are busy. Take the initiative and get on with the work that needs to be done without anyone asking you to do so.


Wait until you have all the facts in hand before making a long-term commitment. You may think you've been offered a great opportunity, but you may not have considered everything you're letting yourself in for. You may be missing something or someone is not telling you everything you need to hear.


The choices you are making now do not mean that the decisions of the past will fade away. An old colleague has a way of dealing with problems. His behavior will sometimes appear irresponsible. Your goal is to immediately deal with outstanding issues.


Any concerns you may have about your career should be left where they belong. You can't keep overloading your schedule in such a way that you never get a chance to recharge your batteries. Relaxation is important. You can achieve this by getting more involved in friendship activities.


Decisions being made now will enrich the life you and your partner have together. Big changes are expected. Whether this involves an investment plan, loan or mortgage application, it will bring future benefits for all of you and it gives you a stronger sense of security. Stay optimistic like now.


Your patience with a young person who is behaving badly will eventually make them realize how difficult they are making life for others. Whether it's hormones or circumstances that are causing them to be so nervous, you can show them how to channelize their energies so they don't become self-destructive.


The mistake of a friend or partner is bothering you. You are beginning to realize that their company is emotionally draining. It may seem like they need you, but you don't need this kind of tension. So you will refuse an invitation.