Horoscope for March 4 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 4 by Russell Grant


You tend to miss a party or social event. Once you get out you will relax and have fun. A situation is less stressful than it used to be because over time you are learning better ways to deal with it.


An unexpected bill means you have to spend money. This will be annoying when you are trying to save. What is more worrying is that you have to take the money you had saved for a holiday.


You are faced with difficult decisions every day as you struggle with the cost of living crisis. Trying to balance the budget is getting harder and harder. There are items that need replacing, but some things may not go as planned.

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Even if someone who is struggling tells you they can make it on their own, you know they can't. You won't mind stepping in to help those in need. Although they will seem reluctant to accept your help, they will feel happy.


Hold back if you're in the bargain for a purchase. Is this something you really need? If it's the excitement of getting it at such a low price that drives you to make this purchase, ask yourself, will you ever use it after you buy it?


Even though you are spending time with almost strangers, you will feel good. What makes you feel good is that there is no pressure and you are able to relax and be yourself. An old friend who has been very demanding lately may have a hard time understanding this.


Money is scarce, but there is no shortage of ideas and persistence. Local businesses are also looking for ideas to raise money. The idea will be to take the pressure off families, but with prices continuing to rise, it's impossible. It seems like you are trying to solve one problem after another and it never ends.


Changes in the workplace will transfer power to those who can move projects forward, rather than waiting for approval. Activities are spreading so that more people have a greater role in important issues and more control over existing resources.


Your ideas will attract encouragement from someone you tried to impress. Discuss the plans with other members of your family before proceeding with them. Joint efforts will bring more satisfaction.


You are unlikely to believe the rumors that are spread in the workplace unless you hear them yourself. You can look for every opportunity you get to relax with people whose company you always enjoy.


You can't avoid the fact that more changes will have to be made if you want to get out of a financial mess. You're tired of worrying about how you're going to pay the bills. It may be necessary for you and your family to get together to take another look at your finances.


Words and comments can be taken the wrong way and this can cause tension. Therefore, if in doubt, keep your thoughts to yourself. Rising bills can cause problems between you and your partner.