Horoscope for September 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 6 by Russell Grant


You may be drawn to the enthusiasm and support you are being shown for your ideas. An interesting team effort has been launched and there is a lot of excitement. For no apparent reason, a partner or close friend will start behaving strangely. He may be upset that he will not be able to join these activities.


Someone close expects you to remember an important date without any prompting from others. Make sure you don't disappoint. An unexpected offer will require a lot of time to think. You won't want to give an immediate answer.


Many people have a lot of words in a work task and nothing concrete is being done. Try for an agreement and make it clear that you are no longer engaging in arguments. If that means you have to do some work yourself, so be it.

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You feel uncomfortable about someone's attitude. They seem to think of no one but themselves. A business trip will not go very well. It will seem like a waste of time. A young person in the family will need the advice of adults.


A lot of the tension you feel at home or at work is because an argument is brewing. Remove yourself if you don't want to be a part of this. In money, romance and business, you go hand in hand. You have your own ideas and are hardly influenced by others.


You may admit that you are not concentrating well enough on a job that involves details. Responsibilities wear you down mentally and emotionally, which is why you get easily distracted. If you can't keep your mind on work, do something else instead.


It's not worth bothering to start something new if you know from experience that you won't finish it. If this is the type of work that bores you, let someone else take up the opportunity. A small mistake will take hours to correct. At least romance is an important topic in your life.


If you and a colleague or friend with whom you are supposed to work keep fighting, nothing worthwhile will be achieved. You may prefer to work alone. If you can keep going without distractions and worries, you'll get a lot done by the end of the day.


You know it can take some people time to understand some of your ideas. Use the quiet moments for the adventures you have been planning for a long time.


A new task at work is something different from anything you've done before. It's a risk, but a risk worth taking because if you succeed at it, it will further help your career prospects. Are you single? You may meet an admirer while traveling.


You may be surprised by someone's reaction when you suggest a new and different way of doing things. Normally they are supportive. They may be a little angry because they didn't come up with this idea themselves. If you're thinking about moving, make room in your schedule.


You cannot be in two places at the same time. Work responsibilities will conflict with family commitments. Since it will seem impossible to reach any kind of compromise, you may have to reluctantly back out of some deals. Life may not be all fields of flowers, but a loving partner will know how to keep you positive.