Horoscope for September 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 7 by Russell Grant


Too much talk and not enough action is starting to make you feel nervous. You are tired of enduring long conversations when you just want to get on with your work. You begin to suspect that one person in particular is deliberately trying to derail this project.


You appreciate it when someone who is older or more experienced gives you advice, but you don't have to accept it. It's nice to have some people tell you how to go about your business, but things have changed and the new methods you're introducing can save a lot of time and energy.


You will be asked to moderate a discussion. Strong feelings are expressed in a very charged situation. You accept and respect the need for everyone to have their say, but this needs to be managed so that people don't become too argumentative. Keep your cool and encourage others to do the same.

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Before you buy something, take a good look at what is right for you. If a salesperson or agent becomes too annoying, don't buy anything just to please this person. Discuss your plans with someone in the family who can give you sound advice.


Something exciting is in the air and it makes everyone hope for better things to come. You'll do your best to be positive, but after all you've been through, you won't have very high expectations.


Your patience is wearing thin when someone who is supposed to help you reach a shared decision is non-committal. They keep refusing to give a straight answer, and because you know what you want to do, you're hoping that eventually they'll agree with you.


You have a strong impression that someone is not happy with the decisions being made. They may not say it, but you feel their discomfort and you also sense that they are not comfortable expressing their views in public. If you take them alone, you can make them talk.


When discussing an issue that is important to you, you may feel like you just can't agree with a partner or close friend. Their lack of interest surprises you, and if you want to pursue this further, you may need to look elsewhere for support.


You will accept the need to cut back on various recreational activities if you want to progress in other areas. Although your current responsibilities are not minimal, you are fine and know that any sacrifices made will be worth it in the end.


It can seem like for every move you want to make, someone will find a reason why you shouldn't make it. Avoid impulsive actions. Beware of decisions made in the heat of the moment, because you can get burned.


Trust your instincts and you will be the one who can best handle an unusual or unexpected situation. The tension in a team effort makes it difficult for you to imagine that joint plans for the future will go well. Some people will drop out of school before this project starts.


Love is in the air, but are you overindulging in life's little pleasures? Watch your spending especially if you've been trying to stick to a budget. Going into debt will only push you into depression and cause stress-related illnesses. Your primary goal should be to take care of your overall health and well-being