Horoscope for September 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 8 by Russell Grant


When you get a friend or colleague on the phone for an offer you will discover that you have a skill or a talent that you never knew you had. Routine work that requires little imagination is starting to bore you. This is a sign that you need more challenge and stimulation in your life now.


You are blaming yourself for the mistakes that someone else makes. You may think that they have planned this on purpose, but you are not sure of their intentions. Maybe they want to get away from responsibilities that they can't handle. Either way, you will not want to continue working with this person.


With objections, complaints and resentments coming from a friend, you are wondering if you will ever be able to see eye to eye again. There seems to be nothing you can do to fix this error. If you're single, be careful not to misread someone's signals, or you may jump to the wrong conclusion about a romantic situation.

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Family matters will be settled without much argument. These may include future financial arrangements, or plans that need to be moved. Being part of a new community group from the start will make you feel secure in your position. There is a strong sense of warmth in this group.


Delays will prevent you from moving forward with a project. This may worry you because you are not making the progress you had hoped to make until now. If you give in to the temptation to gamble, think about what you could lose. Is it worth the risk?


There are some jobs you'd like to get rid of, but for a variety of reasons, that's not going to happen today. Carelessness of a colleague will leave everything behind. You're not the only one feeling frustrated by this whole situation.


You are unsure how to proceed with a new job or assignment. It seems inappropriate to ask for help. Consult with someone who has more experience. If you follow their advice, you'll be up and running on this project in no time. If you continue to be confused, you are unlikely to achieve results.


You are about to cancel some plans involving a person who is becoming increasingly unfaithful. No one can blame you for the failure of this deal. You have always taken your responsibilities seriously and have no respect for someone who makes one excuse after another for not fulfilling the tasks.


It should be a pleasant surprise to be invited on an all-expenses-paid trip. You didn't think that the guest here would be you. The arrangements you need to make will stimulate your mind to take action. You will have a lot to look forward to.


People are questioning your progress. You think you are coping very well. Competitors have reason to be interested in your activities. They will try to put obstacles in your way. Help teammates and avoid rivals.


Routine tasks cannot capture your interest in something. Someone is complaining because chores aren't getting done, and you know they're upset about your lack of interest in these tasks. The best thing you can do is to completely ignore their comments. If a job is that important to them, let them get on with it.


Something or someone is making you feel anxious. In a group effort it may seem as if your views are not taken seriously. Don't let anyone intimidate you and if there is something you feel you want to do, do it so that others will soon know you are serious.