Horoscope for December 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 9 by Russell Grant


Accept invitations to parties, social gatherings and festive events. This is your chance to get to know people better. If for some reason you are unable to attend a particular meeting, you may miss out on other opportunities and this will make you feel left out and alone.


Sometimes you have to act fast so you don't miss out. An opportunity that comes your way will need a quick response. Get ready to grab tickets to a special show, music event or festive gathering the moment they become available. They will sell out very quickly.


An offer or invitation will completely surprise you. It will be hard to contain your enthusiasm as you arrange your schedule in order to attend a special audition, or attend an interview. You are making a good impression on everyone you meet.

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This is a good time to sell, or donate things you no longer use. You can enjoy looking for good buys in antique stores and online auctions. It is a day when pleasure and profit will work hand in hand.


Everyone makes mistakes, and acting too hastily can cause problems that are expensive to fix. You will regret acting so impulsively. You and a partner or relative can discuss the best way to approach this situation. Together you will find a solution.


You feel a little guilty that a business lunch or seminar is so enjoyable you can hardly call it work. What you will do is increase your field contacts and spread the word about a new venture. This in itself will be useful for the future.


You have to make a choice between attending a festive event that appeals to your sociable personality or going to a professional seminar. Your desires are neatly divided down the middle. The decision will be up to you; no one else can do it for you.


You wish you had been in the right place to accept an offer that would have allowed you to put your creative talents to good use. Instead, someone else will have grabbed the opportunity, leaving you to continue with less-than-appealing mundane tasks.


You're trying to be careful with your money this Christmas, and you know there will come a time when you'll need to take a long, hard look at your financial situation.


Almost all your energy is being poured into work, family and social responsibilities. You're trying to please everyone, and you can admit that you feel overwhelmed trying to plan the perfect Christmas. Ask for help. In romance, you will prefer not to get involved too quickly in a physical relationship.


Choose your words carefully when responding to someone you disagree with. You may not know the full story. A colleague's work disappoints you. You are sure they can do a better job.


Wishing you a Christmas filled with peace and joy. This means that you should not make several friends together. You know from past experience that they don't get along, and you'll do your best to stay neutral.