Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant


It is not an ideal situation to have to depend on someone with knowledge to start a work project. Expect to be disappointed when this person is not able to appear as expected. Limit your impatience and make an effort to avoid annoying those in authority by keeping thoughts to yourself.


Once you start arguing about who does what, when and how, you will realize that a task you have taken on together will not go well. You are joined by someone who is not on the same wavelength. Your choice now is to continue and learn from each other or go different paths.


You are spending a rather complicated time trying to learn a new skill, to get used to a situation or to start a new job. Do you expect too much from yourself? Set boundaries from the beginning and do not rush to learn everything at once. Take careful steps.


A mix of events causes confusion and uncertainty. You may be wondering if it makes any sense that this is happening. It seems you can not make decisions that can move you forward when there is so much uncertainty around you, you do not even know where you are going.


Your goal is to spend more time at home with family. You think you have neglected this side of your life lately. To do this, you will need to discard or delegate some of your commitments to the outside world. Your partner and other loved ones will appreciate this step you take making them a priority.


You can not worry about all the things you could not do as well as all the work you still have to do. You will feel like you are disappointing people when it is impossible to do everything you need to do within a day. The solution is to delegate tasks and give up commitments you can no longer afford.


You want to think more about a relationship or friendship as it seems to you that you are the one giving the most. Someone either deliberately deceived you or promised more than he could give. It is necessary to distinguish between honesty and insincerity.


There may be a delay in getting the money you owe. Despite all the excuses that have been used by someone who owes you this money, it will cause all sorts of complications. You depended on this money to pay the bills or make some improvements to your home.


You are choosing to spend more time alone and do not understand why you should explain this to your family and friends. You understand the need to be friendly when you are with others, but you also need your time. Do what you love!


You think you have to say your opinion, but it is not easy when other people are against you. Someone’s attitude is basically that you should be silent. You just can't do that. A confrontation with your boss or someone with authority will make you worry. You have said a lot to tell them and you need to speak openly, no matter how upset they may be.


Even with the best of intentions, you may encounter rejection of your plans and rejections from others to pursue your ideas. It will seem as if you have chosen the wrong time to launch new ideas. Do not be too discouraged when confronted with some negative people. There will be others who will support your plans.


You are stubbornly caught after a false belief or memory for a long time. An older relative has decided it's time to put you in order. You will be surprised when they give the true version of events and although at first you may not believe them, they will have evidence to support this.