Horoscope for September 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 9 by Russell Grant


Something needs to be discussed privately before starting a new project. Finding time is a problem. You are determined to achieve a goal. Even when there's no more momentum, you keep going. The praise they will give you will increase your confidence.


The commitments you have agreed to undertake have burdened you heavily. You may be upset with yourself. However, you will find a way to fulfill this obligation even if you find someone to lend you a helping hand.


A business meeting will last longer than planned. You won't agree with a lot of what's being said, but you don't want to rock the boat. A better moment will come to display your views.

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A cancellation will cause a lot of stress and anxiety. It won't be easy to get your money back for something that was canceled or for a wrong purchase. Follow expert advice and discover your legal rights.


There is unlikely to be anything unusual in a place you visit. You've been there before. What will be unexpected is that you will meet someone who you feel like your soulmate. Maybe the memories of the past will come back.


A needy friend is starting to let you down. You are so busy that you don't really have time for them. Although it seems that this time it is needed more than ever. You will have to endure the complaints, why you did not help him.


The sooner you react, the more you will enable a day filled with goodness. Don't hesitate to grab a chance to make a dream come true. Set a spending limit before making some online purchases.


Not only will you get into the thick of a confusing issue, but you'll also get into a muddle. An elderly relative will complain that he has no energy. Insist that he gets the relaxation he needs.


Both must agree on decisions regarding the child's education. Talk about it with the family. Elderly relatives will make some interesting observations. Your curiosity will be piqued by something you hear or see. You'll want to learn more, but you may not get straight answers.


You may have spent twenty days together or twenty years, but you still may not know everything there is to know about a friend or partner. If you've just joined, you'll enjoy the getting-to-know-you phase. If you're in a long-term partnership, something you discover today about your partner's past will surprise you.


The more unusual and unique your ideas, the more eager people will be to support them. Money will be raised for a community cause that brings people together to engage in fun activities. New people will enter your life. Their spirit will ignite the atmosphere.


An elderly relative seems to think he has a right to know all about your affairs. You don't have to answer all of their questions. It is not selfish to want to maintain a degree of independence. Friends are happy to have you around when you come up with a creative solution to a common problem.