These zodiac signs that are sworn enemies

These zodiac signs that are sworn enemies

There are soul mates, best friends, wonderful collaborators, twin souls, but also enemies. Each zodiac sign has his or her individual personality, which makes them understand with a re-other or not. But then there is a group of zodiac signs that better not be close to one place together. No matter how hard they try, they tend to hate each other and will always be at war.


Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs that can get caught in the throat and become sworn enemies when it comes to their finances / money.

They think a lot about the negative traits of the other, which creates a barrier between them. Sometimes, there is a third party involved who pushes these zodiac signs and places them against each other.


Crabs are held as the most emotional signs, but also the most lying which irritates the Lions. Leo, on the other hand, is stubborn and careless, which Crab does not like. This war retreat makes both zodiac signs sworn enemies of each other.


Aquarius wants Pisces to be emotionally trapped. In this pursuit, the first finds success, but is short-lived. When trapped Pisces try to escape, then Aquarius becomes aggressive. Pisces, on the other hand, seeks direct / clear answers that Aquarius fails to provide, which leads to anger in Pisces. These clashes make them sworn enemies.


Both Scorpio and Sagittarius turn into each other's sworn enemies because they both have good ties. The only difference between them is that Sagittarius will make connections by showing the world reality, while a Scorpio will show their false side to build a strong connection.

It often happens that a Sagittarius is irritated by the fake. Scorpio becomes jealous of Sagittarius on how they can be honest with the people around them, which is acceptable to most. Scorpio feels jealous because they are never able to build relationships like Sagittarius. If a Scorpio shows the true side of themselves, they will be left without friends around.