The most "hated" Horoscope sign according to the well-known astrologer 

The most "hated" Horoscope sign according to the well-known

You would all think of Scorpio or Leo, who are famous for their manipulation, but no.

According to astrology author Audrey Jaber, the most "hated" sign in the Horoscope is Libra. But why?!

According to her, these are the negative characteristics that a Libra has:

- It is undecided. Libra's struggle to find balance and justice makes it difficult for them to make even simple decisions, irritating those around them.

- "Cries" constantly. Libra may not be known for its sensitivity, but it closes in on the microcosm of emotions, seeking the compassion of others.

-You can't rely on it. It is a difficult partner because you never know if he will be consistent in an obligation. You also don't know if he/she will keep something you believe or if he/she will turn it into a matter of gossip.

-It's super superficial. Libra loves everything beautiful and material, they can spend hours complimenting the appearance, but they do not look at what is under the surface.

- Acts as if everything belongs to her. They act as if the whole world owes them. They want everything and they want it right away.