Horoscope signs that you are never happy with yourself

Horoscope signs that you are never happy with yourself

Some people think they are the best, while there are others who doubt themselves even after giving their best. Out of lack of self-confidence, these people often make the wrong decisions as well. They can achieve everything in life, but they are still not satisfied.

What are these signs?


Gemini aspires to do their best and shine more than others, but because of their low self-esteem, they waver. They have a dual personality, sometimes, are confident about the choices they make, and at another point, regret the same choices. They are always positive, but there is something inside them, a sense of shame.


Crabs have a great need to keep their friends and family happy as they are afraid of rejection. They are loved and appreciated by the people around them, but still wonder if they are worth it. They can be the most attractive and brilliant person in the room and will never feel worthy of the sincere compliments they will receive.


Virgos feel constantly inferior. They seek greatness but seldom attain it, as they self-sabotage everything along the way as they seek perfectionism.


Libra are polite and likable, but never talk about themselves. They have dilemmas to themselves, but they do not express them either. They would be bad if someone understood these dilemmas they have.


Unfortunately, Scorpios end up making the wrong decisions all the time. They do this precisely out of a lack of trust.