Zodiac signs known as "traitors"

Zodiac signs known as "traitors"
Some relationships last a lifetime, while others end so badly that you may never want to fall in love again. And one of the main reasons for this is a cheating partner.

Below is a list of the zodiac signs that are most likely to betray you.


Gemini is more likely to betray you given the fact that they are mostly undecided. They may be with you one day and may find another partner the next day. So whenever you are with a Gemini, make sure you have confidence in their relationship and their love for you.


A Taurus is also likely to betray people because they themselves are not sure if they love you or not. Their feelings change rapidly and it is a known fact that they can not stay with a person for long.


Virgos, like Gemini and Taurus, are more likely to betray you. They do not believe in a long term relationship and are always out exploring options.


Scorpios are the biggest heartbreakers If you are with them, it is advisable to keep your eyes and ears open and not to ignore any sign of betrayal.