All the signs of the zodiac gathered in a house for 'party'

All the signs of the zodiac gathered in a house for 'party'

Aries, the only one with super energy that forces everyone to take pictures.

Taurus , the only one who cares especially to comfort himself and enjoy the glass with a good alcohol.

Gemini is the person who will greet everyone at the party, talk to anyone, why not even flirt.

Crab , you will listen to everyone at the party, you will make sure everyone is well and has eaten.

Leo , you are the center of the holidays even if the party is not for you. After a few glasses you are on the table dancing.

Virgo , you are the only one who has yourself totally under control. Make sure the food is good and the music not too loud.

Libra , you are the only one who carries the dramas of others on your shoulders and makes sure that everyone is well.

Scorpio , you were the only one who at first did not want to come to this holiday at all and now you are sitting in a corner.

Sagittarius is having fun, he is behaving a bit like a fool. You are the only one who is not judging anyone.

Capricorn , you are authoritarian and personally responsible for what is happening at the party. You consider yourself the leader of this holiday and ignore the Virgin who is doing everything to make everything go well.

Aquarius, you are the one who raises everyone to dance.

Pisces , you are the one who drinks and says some things that you have been thinking about for a long time.