The three lucky signs in love today!

The three lucky signs in love today!

The crab

With Venus in Leo, it's almost impossible today for you to feel anything other than love and pleasure. You've put in the effort to figure out who you are, and it's been a long process, that's for sure. You have always been in touch with the soul and you accept that good things can happen to you too. In other words, life is not all drudgery and pain. If there is someone special in your life right now, you will share rare moments. If you are single and looking for love, what you want will come soon.


Feel like all you can give today is love, advice, kindness and calm. With Venus in Leo, you are a true star. The love you feel today is not limited to romance. Today is about the love of friends and family. Life comes with its lessons and you seem to be learning them at breakneck speed.


One lesson you will learn today is to learn to let go of the need for control so that you can make room for spontaneity and surprise. You love being in a good, solid, loving relationship, but you've gotten yourself into trouble before because you tend to want to control the other person. You have not yet learned to trust the universe, or the person you love. Today you will finally feel more at ease in this regard. Relax and trust that life will take care of you effortlessly.