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The EU fines Apple 1.8 billion euros for violating the law

The EU fines Apple 1.8 billion euros for violating the law

The European Union (EU) has fined Apple 1.8 billion euros for violating competition law, the BBC reports today.

The fine is to prevent Spotify and other music streaming services from notifying users of payment options outside of the Apple Store.

The European Commission's decision was prompted by a complaint from a Swedish music streaming service about that restriction and Apple's 30 percent fee.

The EU's competition enforcement agency said Apple had abused its dominant market position for a decade.

European Commission Executive Vice President and Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Apple did this by "restricting developers from informing consumers about alternative and cheaper music services available outside the Apple ecosystem".

"This is illegal. Under EU antitrust rules, today we fined Apple more than 1.8 billion euros," Vestager said.

It ordered the US tech giant to lift all restrictions and refrain from similar practices in the future.

Apple says it will appeal the decision because there is no evidence that consumers have been harmed.