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Bill Gates makes the next prediction: Another more deadly pandemic than that of Covid

Bill Gates makes the next prediction: Another more deadly pandemic than that of
Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned of possible pandemics worse than the coronavirus and called on governments to contribute billions of dollars to prepare for a future epidemic. The new announcement from the president of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came during the announcement, along with the British Wellcome Trust, of a $ 300 million donation to Cepi, which helped form the Covax program to provide vaccines to high-income countries. low and medium.

"In my personal list of goals, I want to add that the world is prepared for the next pandemic," Gates said. "In the last two years we have made significant scientific progress, we have made safe vaccines faster than in the past, but we have also seen that inequality in the distribution of health funds, lack of funding have left many people behind and facing risks to their health.

We need a fairer society, to accelerate the global supply of vaccines in the future, to make more doses and to distribute them more evenly. We also need more tools to quickly control explosions when they occur, thanks to fast, readily available tests and better logistics systems to stop them faster. "

Meanwhile for the Financial Times, the Microsoft founder said the world's priorities are "strange", explaining that philanthropists and wealthy governments have undertaken to tackle vaccine inequality.

According to Gates, much of the innovation in preparing for a future pandemic could also be helpful in addressing existing global health problems, for example creating an HIV vaccine and better vaccines for tuberculosis and malaria. .