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The world has started to save!

The world has started to save!

In the face of droughts, global warming and climate change, as well as a war that has destroyed balances, the world has started to save.

Germany: Save gas!

In Germany there is a call for citizens to save energy, especially gas. There are fears that Russia could use the maintenance of Nord Stream as a pretext to block the gas.

The state will take all necessary measures to supply gas to families, hospitals and essential institutions. But it is not known whether this will be enough to supply sufficient quantities.

Italy: Couriers should wash their customers' hair only once

The municipality of Castenaso, near Bologna, with a population of 16,000, is currently experiencing a severe drought. Mayor Carlo Gubellini has established a new rule. The hairdressers will wash the clients' hair only once. The rule has started to be implemented and will be in force until September. Hairdressers who will continue to wash their clients' heads twice will be fined up to 500 euros.

Daminarka: Shorten the time you stay in the shower

You know when after you wash you stay a little longer in the shower, as if to relax and calm down? Well the Danes can't do that.

The Danish government has called on its citizens to be careful when using electricity. It also calls on them to shorten their shower times in an effort to save electricity. Unplugging devices when people go on summer vacation is also recommended.