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U.S. Supreme Court bans abortion

U.S. Supreme Court bans abortion

Millions of women in the United States have lost their legal right to abortion following a landmark Supreme Court ruling. The highest justice institution in the US overturned the decision taken 50 years ago to legalize abortions. The decision was made public a few weeks ago, due to the unprecedented leak of court documents.

The decision will totally transform abortion rights in the US, as individual states now have the right to completely ban this procedure in their hospitals. According to forecasts, half of the US states are thought to take restrictive measures after this decision. 13 of them have already passed laws prohibiting abortion as an illegal procedure, immediately after the decision of the Supreme Court.

President Joe Biden has reacted by calling it a sad decision for both justice and America.

In his speech, the American president turned against the previous Republican government, while raising the issue of the safety of women who will be "forced to raise the child of their rapist."

"The health of women and our nation is at stake," said Biden, who also said the decision would take America 150 years back.