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The Italian judge apologizes after the suicide of the 27-year-old Albanian woman in prison: The system and I have failed

The Italian judge apologizes after the suicide of the 27-year-old Albanian woman

Donatella Hodo committed suicide at the age of 27 on the night between August 1 and 2, 2022 in the cell where she was held in the Montorio prison, in the Veronese area. The young woman of Albanian origin, but who had been living in Italy for about twenty years, was serving a sentence for a series of thefts and had problems with addiction.

Among the most grieving, in addition to her father, the magistrate Veronese who had followed the case had managed to create a special relationship with her:

"The judge and I were both crying - said Donatella's father to Corriere della Sera. - We feel defeated and lost, we apologize. I was shaking, my Donatella always talked to me about this magistrate as a second father, she said that he was the only one who took his situation to heart. At first no one found the strength to speak, only tears."

Days after the tragedy, it is now Vincenzo Semeraro, the Supervisory Judge of the Court of Verona who wrote a letter that was read in the church during the funeral of Donatella Hodo.

"We are people before we become judges and I, as a judge, but above all as a man, feel that I have failed now that a 27-year-old girl with whom I have been dating since 2016 has committed suicide in prison. Since Donatella has performed her tragic gesture, I continue to ask myself a thousand questions. Where did I go wrong, in what? Every time a person in prison takes their own life, it means the whole system has failed. In Donatella's case, I was part of the system after following her case for six years. So, like the system, I also failed".