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"Bring your drinks!" Boris Johnson criticized for an email inviting his staff to party during the isolation period

"Bring your drinks!" Boris Johnson criticized for an email inviting

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been widely criticized today after it was revealed that his private secretary had invited over 100 people to a party in the Downing Street garden during the country's first coronavirus isolation.

Johnson has faced a lot of criticism over the past month after a video emerged showing his staff laughing and joking at a party on Downing Street during a Christmas 2020 blockade.

Johnson and his partner Carrie were among those who gathered with about 40 staff members in Downing Street Garden on May 20, 2020, after Prime Minister Martin Reynolds's Private Private Secretary sent an email invitation, ITV News reports.

"After what has been a very busy period, we thought it would be good to take full advantage of the wonderful weather and drink some drinks distanced from society in the garden no.10 this evening. Please join us at 6pm and bring your own drink! "Reynolds wrote in the email.

At the time of isolation the schools were closed to most students and bars and restaurants as well. There were strict controls and people were prevented from personally saying goodbye to relatives who were dying.

Police prosecuted people for the holidays, set up random checkpoints in some areas and in central England, used drones to monitor hairdressing and beauty salons.

Johnson's office declined to comment on the authenticity of the email circulating.

Asked about the downing on Downing Street, Johnson told parliament last month that all instructions for Covid had been followed and no rules had been broken.

Political opponents said that if Johnson had attended a party during a blockade, his position would have been dangerous as such an action would show a pattern of contempt for the rules.